Blind Guardian

Established in 1984 as „Lucifer’s Heritage“ by singer and bassist Hansi Kürsch and guitarist André Olbrich, the band members changed the lineup after only two demos to “BLIND GUARDIAN”. To date, the band has sold approximately 3 Mio albums – a clear indication of its long-term success.


BLIND GUARDIAN started with playing speed metal, but changed with the fourth album in 1989 in the bombastic sound with choirs and fulminant keyboard sequences. This brought BLIND GUARDIAN international attention. The subsequent albums were themed works such as “Imaginations from the other side” (Arthurian legend) or “Nightfall in middle earth” (The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolien) in which the music summarizes the fantasy story.


Complex Guitar arrangements and unusual effects are now the characteristic of the band.

Their music is almost constructed free of repetition. Although BLIND GUARDIAN uses orchestral keyboard sound - that have become the trademark of the band as well as the inimitable voice of Hansi Kürsch - the formation has no permanent keyboard player.


And one more feature: fans got used to wait a long time for a new BLIND GUARDIAN album. But they can experience the band live on their extensive tours, especially in the open-air concerts in the summer, and this will please all visitors of the RockFels Festival 2017.