The phone rang during a band meeting – the ring tone was “Kissin’ Dynamite” by AC/DC, and with that track, the name of the band was clear. “KISSIN’ DYNAMITE” was established 2006 as a school band, and already 2007 the work for a first album began. 2007 the band sent demos to various record labels and shortly after the demos led to the debut album “Steel of Swabia”. The hard rockers from the beautiful southern region of Germany are the epitome of activity, success, professionalism and not least for energetic live shows.


Of course, “KISSIN’ DYNAMITE” had to go through a musical maturation process, but they have mutually driven themselves to peak performance, and indeed, this affects the result. With “Generation Goodbye”, the band has presented the fifth album in summer 2016.

As the members unanimously say, it is the most mature, most sophisticated and best album of the band.


And fans can already look forward to some tracks from this album, because “KISSIN’ DYNAMITE” will certainly have these tracks in their baggage for the RockFels festival 2017.