POWERWOLF is certainly one of the most successful German heavy metal bands. After their

foundation in 2003, they paved their way to success with the debut album “Return in bloodred”. In the meantime, POWERWOLF has put six successful albums on the table and proved in countless live gigs, headliner shows and extensive tours that they are undoubtedly one of the top acts in metal.


The lyrics are characterized by satirical treatment of Christianity and ancient legends from Romania. But POWERWOLF does not see itself as a religious band, but they describe themselves as spiritual. In addition to the typical metal instruments, there are also brilliant organ sounds to find, and they even recorded a church choir for the studio albums.


In addition to the current album “blessed and possessed” from 2015, which will be re-released as a double CD at the beginning of the tour in 2017, the band also presented another live album “The Metal Mass – live” in 2016, convincing not only fans but also the press.


Already today we can say: At the RockFels open air, POWERWOLF will present a live fireworks of thrilling metal anthems embedded in bombastic organ parts, offered in a spectacular live show – like “blessed and possessed”.