„We spent eleven years explaining how to pronounce it“ – QUEENSRYCHE was the first band to put the heavy metal true diastema on top of the „y“. The band’s music is self-evident. Founded in 1981, the group sold more than 20 million albums and became a true cult act.


The gigantic live shows spray from the hungry fire of a newcomer band, but are born by the overwhelming experience of cool top musicians who can give distinction. Their first studio album was released in 1984 (“The Warning”), the breakthrough was achieved by QUEENSRYCHE with the concept album “Operation: Mindcrime” in 1988. However, the most successful of the now 16 studio and seven concert albums is “Empire” (1990). All releases of the band are characterized by high-quality productions.


Some changes in the lineup also changed the musical direction of QUEENSRYCHE. The spectrum ranges from the initial so called “progressive metal” through orchestral arrangements as well as choral songs to more poppy influences up to the straight forward heavy metal.


QUEENSRYCHE is making the RockFels Festival opulent as a well-known stylistic cult act. Eleven gold and platinum awards and several hard rock anthems guarantee just in the live shows of the band a high-octane rock mixture.