Saltatio Mortis

Established in 2000, SALTATIO MORTIS (latin: death dance) has prescribed their music from the very beginning as medieval or folk rock. The band uses a traditional instrumentation, but is stylistically also influenced on rock. Originally they have even integrated electronic rhythms.


SALTATIO MORTIS sets mainly on own lyrics criticizing the authorities, but also turns out ideal values. On the rock albums there is only little traditionally poetry to find. After the release of their first album “Tavernakel” (2001) the following album “Das Zweite Gesicht” (2002) brought the band a veritable recognition within the scene. And after the albums “Heptessenz” and “Erwachen” SALTATIO MORTIS have established in the neo-medieval music.


But first in 2013 the band got an entry No. 1 on the German album charts with “Das Schwarze Ixl”. And also the band’s 10th album “Zirkus Zeitgeist” (2015) was about 23 weeks at No.1 position in the German album charts.


SALTATIO MORTIS likes to play acoustic concerts as the so-called “market music”, but presents just like their impressive shows at rock festivals, like the RockFels festival 2017 on top of the Loreley.”He who dances, doesn’t die”, a motto of the band.