A science fiction film gave the inspiration for the name of the band at the foundation in 1985: “Logan’s run”. In 1986 SANCTUARY played a demo and a debut album followed. It is the only one of the band on which singer Warrel Dane sings with an incredibly high voice. Tours and another studio album gave hope for success – the music style of the band was directional for the late 80s. But within the band and also with the label there were tensions with regard to the musical orientation and the emerging grunge boom. It led to the separation in 1991.


Twenty years later, in 2011, SANCTUARY rose like a phoenix and celebrated a great comeback at the Wacken Festival. The current album “The year the sun died” dates back to 2014, but the fifth SANCTUARY album “Insecption” is announced for 2017.


With SANCTUARY the RockFels festival attracts a bit of true US metal cult on Germany’s most famous rock – hopefully with a few pieces from “Inception”, but good old crackers will also put the musicians in the spotlight.