Travelling by plane to Berlin, your destination is TXL, and this is the international code for the airport Berlin-Tegel. In their rehearsal room, all windows point towards TXL, towards the airport.


Established in 2012, the still quite young formation provides a fresh wind for the German rock. The debut album “Angst” was launched in June 2013 – there was a lot of positive

feed back. The second album “Kopfschuss” came to the market one year later, and now the band has already presented their third one: “Lautstark Autark”.


From the very beginning, TXL succeeded in rocking the scene with German lyrics and their individual style. They fire with all muzzles and cannot be stopped by anything or anybody. If you are in front of the stage during their live gigs, you can feel this even through the skin.

“Laut und geil und so, das ist unsere Show”- that means „lound an lustfull and so, this our show“ – so the quote of a line from a song, and that describes exactly how it is – you’ll have to experience TXL at the Loreley! The band will bring a surprise from Berlin to the Loreley: the band wrote the official anthem for the “RockFels” festival – finally we have it – thanks to TXL!