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Upgrade AAA Caravan camping

90.00 € 

incl. fees plus forwarding charges

RockFels AAA Camping Upgrade for the official campsite at the Loreley (per person).


Valid only in combination with a RockFels Festival Ticket "without camping" (94,50)


At the front desk of the campsite exchange your ticket against a festival and AAA camping wristband. The AAA camping and parking vignette will be issued per vehicle when entering the AAA campsite.


Your advantage:

Access for caravan camping at the official Loreley campsite (limited availability).

Arrival on June 14th 2017 from 4 pm. Departure on June 18th 2017 until 12 am.

Use of shower and toilet on the official camp site included.

Electricity:  max. 2 kW, limited availability (first come first served). Bring your own cable (25 m). You can dispose your trash directly in the container at the camp site. No garbage fee! See also campground regulations.


e.g.: You want to use the comfort of a common campsite with your camper/caravan/RV, this ticket is the correct one. If you are two or three persons in one camper/caravan/RV each person needs this ticket. You can also pitch a tent in the AAA camping area or better: Order it before the festival from the rental service mein-zelt-steht-schon.







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Monday through Friday:

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Saturday: 10:00 am -06:00 pm

Sunday:   10:00 am -03:00 pm